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Impact of UK Visa Fees Increases on Employers and Global Mobility Talents

In recent developments, the UK’s Home Office, with approval from the UK Parliament in September 2023, has introduced significant changes to UK visa fees, which will have far-reaching implications for both employers and individuals seeking employment in the UK. These adjustments, slated to be implemented this month, entail a 15% increase in visa fees across various categories, encompassing short and long-term visits, work sponsorships, and priority services.

UK Visa Fees Increases on Employers and Global Mobility Talents

Rationale Behind the Changes

The rationale cited by the government for these increases lies in the substantial costs associated with border management and the administrative overhead of issuing over 2.8 million visas annually. Consequently, the UK’s upfront immigration fees have now surpassed those of several other countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, and Spain.

Overview of Visa Pricing Amendments

These revisions represent the latest in a series of incremental increases in UK visa costs over the past two decades. They will affect a broad spectrum of visas, spanning visit visas, health and care visas, as well as various entry clearance fees and case-specific leave applications for those wishing to remain in the UK for work or study.

Specific Fee Adjustments

Specific Fee Adjustments

  1. Tier 2 General Visas: The cost of this visa category, which allows skilled workers to work in the UK, has risen by 2.5%. This increase may make it more costly for employers to sponsor foreign workers, potentially deterring some businesses from considering international talent.
  2. Work Visas Applied For From The UK: Short stays of up to six months will see a 15% increase from £100 to £115. Similarly, fees for 2, 5, and 10-year visit visas will see comparable increases to £400, £771, and £963, respectively. Settlement fees are increasing by 20% from £1,538 to £1,846, while citizenship (Naturalization) prices will surge by 20% from £1,250 to £1,500. The Super Priority service within the UK will experience a 25% increase from £800 to £1,000.
  3. Work Visas Applied For From Outside The UK: Skilled worker visas (3 years or less) will also see a 15% rise in fees from £625 to £719. Priority services outside of the UK for routes not leading to settlement will undergo a 100% price increase from £250 to £500.
  4. Post-Study Work Visa: The fees for the Certificate of Sponsorship for Skilled Workers will increase by 20% from £199 to £239.

Impact on Employers and Employees

The elevated visa fees will escalate the overall cost for employers to relocate their employees to the UK. These additional expenses need to be incorporated into immigration and global mobility budgets to support new or existing employees with their relocations. This price surge may significantly impede businesses’ capacity to attract and retain top global talent.

For Employers

In light of these changes, employers must reevaluate the expenses associated with relocating their talent and new hires to the UK. This includes a 20% increase in optional priority processing fees for applications made in the country or during entry clearance.

Additionally, employers should account for Immigration Health Surcharge fees (IHS), which vary based on factors like an individual’s age and visa type. While most work visa applicants must pay the IHS, some exemptions do apply. Anticipating Increased Immigration Skills Charge (ISC) fees, which are typically managed by employers, is also crucial. While ISC fees have not yet been adjusted, future plans indicate a significant increase.

For Employees

The heightened visa fees will impact employees immigrating to the UK, potentially leading to challenges in integrating into the local community. It’s imperative for employees to engage in discussions with employers and adapt their budgets accordingly.

In light of these changes, talents from outside the UK may seek relocation to more cost-effective destinations, potentially redirecting focus towards Europe, USA, and Canada. For UK employers, this emphasizes the importance of tapping into local talent pools.

Detailed Summary of Home Office Changes in Fees

Price changes for UK visas came into effect on the 4th of October 2023, please find a detailed official page summary here.

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