UK Innovator Founder Visa: Andrei Nikulushkin’s Story of Innovation in the UK

March 18, 2024

It was the collaboration with Tech Nomads, however, that truly turned the tide. Our hands-on support in fine-tuning pitch helped in navigating the complex process to secure an essential endorsement. This not only spotlighted Project potential but also played a crucial role in Andrei's success in obtaining the visa. It's a shining example of how vision, coupled with the right support, can transform obstacles into opportunities, setting Andrei and Project on a promising global trajectory.

Andrei Nikulushkin: Background of the Visionary

Andrei Nikulushkin has an extensive background that spans across significant roles in the corporate finance landscape. His journey through the ranks of esteemed firms like Evelyn Partners, Mazars, and KPMG has equipped him with unparalleled expertise in financial modeling, business planning, and valuation. 

What is The Project?

The project aims to empower users with the tool that automates financial model creation. This will save time for highly qualified staff and will help them channel their attention to more meaningful tasks, while providing them with user-friendly design and accumulated expertise of professional modelers.

The Challenge

Andrei Nikulushkin faced a labyrinth of complexities and hurdles in his pursuit of the UK Innovator Founder Visa, a journey emblematic of the challenges that confront ambitious entrepreneurs aiming to bring innovative solutions to UK and global markets. Central to these challenges was the requirement for a robust, compelling business plan—a document that not only presented a viable business concept but also demonstrated its potential for innovation and growth within the UK market. This necessity was compounded by the stringent criteria for potential funding and endorsements, necessitating a clear, persuasive demonstration of Project’s value proposition and its alignment with the visa's innovation criteria.

Tech Nomads Role

Tech Nomads played a pivotal role in Andrei's journey to secure the UK Innovator Founder Visa. Their expertise was crucial in highlighting the innovative solution Project offered, ensuring that the business plan not only met but exceeded the visa requirements in terms of viability, scalability, and innovation. Here's how Tech Nomads facilitated this process:

Strategic Support and Business Plan Development

  • Refinement of Business Model: Tech Nomads worked closely with Andrei to refine the value proposition of Business Model. This collaborative effort ensured the business model was robust, scalable, and innovative.
  • Development of a Persuasive Pitch Deck: By focusing on the strengths and unique aspects of the project, Tech Nomads helped Andrei develop a pitch deck that clearly communicated the business's potential to transform financial modeling practices globally.
  • Addressing Visa Application Challenges: Tech Nomads guided Andrei through the complexities of the visa application process, from refining the business plan to highlight innovative approaches to securing the necessary endorsement.

Tailored Strategy for Success

Tech Nomads implemented a bespoke strategy to navigate the visa application process effectively. This strategy was designed to showcase Project’s strengths across key areas:

  • Innovation Focus: Tech Nomads' support in emphasizing innovative features of the tool.
  • Scalability Plan: The approach includes product diversification with continuous enhancement of the tool, development of new features, and global market expansion
  • Viability: Key leadership figures bring valuable expertise and successful track records in deal advisory, technical challenges, and product management, underpinning the project's viability with their experience and successful past endeavors.


Andrei Nikulushkin and Project’s  journey from vision to international recognition demonstrates the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit necessary for obtaining the UK Innovator Founder visa. With Tech Nomads' invaluable guidance, Andrei navigated the complexities of the UK Innovator Founder Visa process

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