UK Innovator Visa: Arseny Fitilbam’s Inspiring Journey to the UK

In the world of technology and startups, let’s embark on a captivating journey with Arseny Fitilbam, an innovative entrepreneur on a mission to reshape industries. Thanks to the unwavering support of Tech Nomads, Arseny relocated to the United Kingdom, where his groundbreaking startup thrived. In this article, we’ll delve into Arseny’s impressive tech background, trace his professional journey as the co-founder and CTO of Conversational AI Platform, explore the motivations behind his move to the UK, and highlight the crucial role Tech Nomads played in his path to success of provision services of UK Innovator Visa.

A Versatile Tech Background

Arseny Fitilbam stands out as a dynamic technical leader with a remarkable track record of creating innovative products and IT solutions. He possesses expertise in diverse fields, including financial services, product development, and startup launches.

Arseny’s career journey encompasses significant roles, such as serving as the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of JIQ AI, where he leads AI-powered conversational platforms. He also held the position of Head of the Pega Center of Expertise at a leading bank with a presence in 19 countries, overseeing large-scale integration projects.

Additionally, Arseny assumed the role of CEO at Lumeon, a startup focused on remote phosphor production. He played pivotal roles in quantum dots production at QDLight™ and dedicated himself to academic pursuits, including studies in venture capital, investment strategy, and a Marketing Executive Course at Babson College in the USA, a global leader in entrepreneurship education. Arseny holds a Magister degree in IT management from the International University of Nature, Society, and Man.

Motivation and the UK Adventure via UK Innovator Visa

Arseny Fitilbam’s journey to the UK was driven by his unrelenting passion for exploring new horizons in the tech industry. His UK project involved developing virtual voice and video assistants designed to enhance customer experiences while reducing operational costs. As the mastermind behind AI-powered conversational platforms, Arseny set out to unveil a groundbreaking innovation: the Mobile Video Assistant, an avant-garde chatbot explicitly tailored for medium-sized businesses and enterprises. This interactive mobile widget doesn’t merely provide consultation and drive sales, it seamlessly delivers customer support and skillfully navigates through online sitemaps using natural speech recognition on smartphones.

Initially, Arseny and his business partner, Illiya Shiyan, who is also the co-founder of JIQ AI, developed AI solutions in CIS countries where their voice virtual assistants proved highly efficient and became leaders in their field. However, through extensive research, they identified the UK as an ideal destination, offering a conducive ecosystem for their aspirations. Recognizing the growing potential in the UK for AI advancements and driven by personal and professional growth, both Arseny and Illiya set their sights on relocating. You can learn more about Illiya Shiyan’s successful relocation to the UK in this article.

While exploring possibilities for relocation, they learned about the Innovator Visa and the Global Talent Visa. Arseny sought guidance and turned to Tech Nomads to determine the most suitable visa option. Tech Nomads carefully assessed his qualifications, requirements, and goals, ultimately recommending the Innovator Visa as the ideal pathway to success.

The Beginning: A Promising Start

The Innovator Visa provided Arseny Fitilbam with a clear path to permanent residence within three years, within a favorable environment for his startup. With its streamlined requirements and the unwavering support of Tech Nomads, Arseny was filled with newfound confidence, and his enthusiasm reached new heights. This visa wasn’t just a document, it was an invitation to embark on a life-changing journey—one filled with excitement and boundless optimism.

The promise of building a thriving startup in the UK, along with the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant tech landscape, was like fuel for Arseny’s entrepreneurial spirit. It was the start of a promising chapter that held the potential to shape the future of his vision.

Exploring and Enhancing the Business Concept

Arseny aimed to confirm the viability of his concept within the UK market. A defining element that distinguished Arseny’s business concept was the presence of pre-developed, cutting-edge product prototypes fueled by AI technology. This uniqueness gave his venture a competitive edge in the UK market and ensured its potential for growth and success.

Tech Nomads, leveraging their industry insights and knowledge of the UK ecosystem, confirmed the potential success of the AI-based virtual assistant concept. Together, we delved into problem-solving aspects, identified target audiences, and developed a product that effectively addressed market needs.

Crafting a Comprehensive Business Plan

Tech Nomads played a pivotal role in assisting Arseny throughout the visa application process. Their experienced consultants meticulously reviewed and refined his business plan, ensuring it met the stringent requirements of the Innovator Founder Visa. They provided invaluable advice on market positioning, scalability, and the importance of establishing strategic partnerships within the UK tech community. With Tech Nomads’ expertise and support, Arseny’s application for the Innovator Founder Visa stood out among competitors, securing him a golden opportunity to turn his vision into reality.

During the preparation phase, after receiving the endorsement, Arseny started analyzing and selecting accommodation. As he moved with his family, his concern was not only about setting up a new business but also arranging family life, healthcare, and school education for his children. Concurrently, he made arrangements for logistics, such as transporting belongings, opening a bank account, registering with local healthcare facilities, and addressing educational and integration needs. Tech Nomads offered invaluable support, guiding him through the process of company registration, consulting with accountants, finding suitable office space, trademark registration, educational consulting, and fostering connections with accelerators and venture funds.

Challenges and Opportunities Encountered

The journey was not without its challenges, particularly due to Arseny’s lack of prior experience in the intricacies of establishing a company in the UK. Tech Nomads provided expert guidance in preparing the necessary documents tailored to Arseny’s unique situation. Additionally, Tech Nomads’ extensive knowledge of the investment climate in the UK allowed them to determine which ideas had the potential to flourish. By leveraging this expertise, Arseny could make informed decisions, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Prospering in the UK

With the Innovator Visa in hand, Arseny Fitilbam embarked on his UK adventure, poised to transform his entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Since acquiring the visa, remarkable progress has marked Arseny’s journey. In just 5 months, his company not only successfully launched its operational system but also secured an esteemed speaking slot at the renowned technology conference, The European Chatbot & Conversational | Generative AI Summit in Edinburgh. This event stands as the most influential gathering in Europe for Conversational AI and boasts the participation of leading experts in the field. Presently, they are in active pursuit of investments, a pivotal phase where Tech Nomads remains a steadfast source of invaluable support, guiding Arseny every step of the way and providing access to a network of venture capital funds.

In Closing

Arseny Fitilbam’s remarkable journey stands as a testament to the profound influence of Tech Nomads in empowering entrepreneurs to turn their aspirations into accomplishments. Together, Arseny and Tech Nomads navigated a path that led him to relocate to the UK, set the foundations of his AI-based startup, and achieve extraordinary growth.

His journey serves as an inspiring illustration of the indomitable spirit of determination, expert mentorship, and the art of seizing opportunities within the dynamic tech sphere. As a guiding light for future innovators, Arseny’s story exemplifies the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream, with Tech Nomads as their dedicated ally, guiding them toward their own paths to success via UK Innovator Founder Visa.

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