Navigating the Global Tech Landscape: Batuhan Yunusoğlu's Journey to the Global Talent Visa UK

June 26, 2024

The Backstory

Batuhan Yunusoğlu, embarked on a career journey that led him from Turkey to the United Kingdom. His educational background equipped him with technical skills but left him craving leadership and managerial capabilities. This gap prompted him to pursue a master's degree in Engineering Management at the University of Warwick in the UK, seeking to broaden his horizons and acquire valuable insights into global business practices.

Journey Towards the Global Talent Visa

During his studies, Batuhan encountered opportunities and challenges that shaped his career trajectory. While completing his master's thesis remotely from Turkey due to unforeseen circumstances in 2020, he joined a Turkish startup focused on digital agriculture. Here, he discovered his passion for product management, playing a pivotal role in developing the startup's first functional prototype. This experience marked his transition into product management, igniting a desire to explore global best practices in digital product development.

Batuhan's career path led him to Getir, a prominent Turkish tech company, where he quickly ascended from a product analyst to managing the growth squad. His achievements at Getir caught the attention of Genoa, a fintech startup founded by former executives from Turkey's finance sector. At Genoa, Batuhan spearheaded initiatives like international money transfers and deposit products, further solidifying his expertise and leadership in product management.

Overcoming Challenges

Transitioning from academia to startups presented challenges, but Batuhan's determination and adaptability allowed him to thrive. Navigating diverse teams, managing stakeholder expectations, and delivering impactful results became integral to his professional growth. The decision to pursue the Global Talent Visa was motivated by his aspiration to leverage the UK's thriving fintech ecosystem and enhance his career on a global scale.

How Tech Nomads Helped

Tech Nomads, a global mobility platform, played a crucial role in Batuhan's journey. They provided personalized strategy guidance throughout the Tech Nation endorsement process for the UK Global Talent Visa. Offering insights into endorsement criteria and document preparation, their expertise ensured that Batuhan's application reflected his exceptional promise in product management, significantly increasing his chances of endorsement.

What Batuhan will achieve with the Global Talent Visa at Hand

With the prospect of the visa in hand, Batuhan envisions contributing to and learning from the vibrant UK tech ecosystem. He aims to foster innovation, seize new opportunities, forge collaborations, and drive impactful solutions in fintech. Immersing himself in the UK's tech landscape, Batuhan plans to build a robust network of industry leaders and innovators while deepening his understanding of UK market dynamics. He is keen to explore entrepreneurial ventures, ultimately leveraging his experience and network to launch his own startup, contributing to the evolution of fintech solutions globally.

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