The Oak Foundation Journey to Hiring Global Talents with Tech Nomads

February 28, 2024

Nearly three decades ago, a small group of visionary volunteer carers ignited a spark in the London borough of Waltham Forest. Now a registered charity, The Oak Foundation is powered by a dedicated staff of 38 professionals, complemented by 14 to 15 active volunteers who bring their passion and skills to the forefront of the foundation's operations. Their mission was simple yet profound: to ensure equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of personal circumstances. This spark quickly grew into a flame, transforming The Oak Foundation into the borough's largest provider of short-break services.

Today the Oak Foundation is looking to expand its team with talents from all over the world. That’s why they turned to Tech Nomads, searching for help to obtain the UK Sponsor Licence. This licence enables UK companies to hire overseas talents, and now the Oak Foundation has the opportunity to hire best qualified professionals.

The Heartbeat of The Oak Foundation

The Team

At the core of The Oak Foundation's enduring story is its team, the true heartbeat of the organisation. In the beginning, this journey was spearheaded by a close-knit group of five women. United by a shared vision, they embarked on a mission fueled by compassion and dedication, caring for children with disabilities in partnership with Mencap. Their hands-on, empathetic approach laid the foundation for what would become a beacon of hope and support in the Waltham Forest community.

Fast forward 28 years, and this small volunteer group has evolved into a robust team that anchors the largest independent provider of short-break and respite services in Waltham Forest. Now a registered charity, The Oak Foundation is powered by a dedicated staff of 38 professionals, complemented by 14 to 15 active volunteers who bring their passion and skills to the forefront of the foundation's operations.

Oak Foundation’s founders meeting with the King Charles III

The Challenge

Despite its ambitious vision, The Oak Foundation grappled with a significant hurdle - the scarcity of professional staff in the health and technology sectors. This bottleneck constrained their capability to scale and broaden their humanitarian footprint.

In the health sector, the scarcity of skilled professionals meant that delivering the personalised, compassionate care central to The Oak Foundation's ethos became increasingly difficult. The organisation's ambitious vision to provide comprehensive support services for children and adults with disabilities requires a diverse team of healthcare professionals, including therapists, nurses, and specialised care workers. The gap in professional staffing limited the foundation's capacity to expand its services and reach more individuals in need.

Similarly, in the technology sector, the lack of professional expertise posed significant hurdles. In an era where digital transformation is crucial for enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency, The Oak Foundation found itself grappling with the challenge of integrating advanced technological solutions. This gap not only affected the foundation's internal processes but also its ability to connect with and serve the community effectively.

The Collaboration with Tech Nomads

In the face of challenges rooted in the scarcity of professional staff within the health and technology sectors, The Oak Foundation turned to Tech Nomads for a strategic solution. Tech Nomads, leveraging its expertise in navigating the complexities of international recruitment and immigration, became a pivotal force in transforming The Oak Foundation's ability to attract and hire proficient staff from abroad.

UK Sponsor Licence Acquisition

Tech Nomads embarked on this transformative journey by securing two Sponsor Licences for The Oak Foundation: one for Temporary Workers and another for Skilled Workers. These licences are instrumental under the UK's points-based immigration system, enabling organisations to sponsor and employ non-UK residents who possess the necessary skills that are scarce within the country's labour market.

Attracting Global Talent

While The Oak Foundation has not yet applied for any workers under these licences, the strategic groundwork laid by Tech Nomads opens a gateway to a world of possibilities. By obtaining these licences, The Oak Foundation can now tap into the global talent pool, specifically targeting professionals in the health and technology sectors where the local shortage is most acute. This capability is crucial for a non-profit organisation aiming to scale its operations and enhance its service delivery to meet the growing needs of the community it serves.

The Impact of Tech Nomads' Intervention

Tech Nomads' expertise not only secured the necessary legal frameworks for international recruitment but also saved The Oak Foundation countless hours that would have been spent navigating the intricacies of immigration law and the sponsorship process. We did so in following ways:

  • Secured Sponsor Licences: Assisted The Oak Foundation in obtaining two crucial licences for Temporary and Skilled Workers, enabling them to sponsor overseas employees.
  • Monthly Compliance Advice: We offer ongoing advice to ensure The Oak Foundation stays compliant with the UK's immigration rules, safeguarding their ability to hire internationally.
  • Conducting Pre-Check Services: Tech Nomads performs pre-checks of potential employees' eligibility for visa applications, streamlining the recruitment process.
  • Supporting Visa Applications: We support the visa applications of employees, ensuring a higher success rate and smoother transition for international hires.
  • Facilitating Relocation Support Services: Tech Nomads will continue aid in the relocation process for overseas workers, including logistics and integration into the UK, making the move as seamless as possible for new employees.

This efficiency gain allows The Oak Foundation to focus on its core mission of supporting families and individuals in need, with the promise of extending its team growth through the strategic hiring of overseas workers.

What's Next for The Oak Foundation?

With Tech Nomads' strategic assistance in securing UK Sponsor Licences, The Oak Foundation is poised for an exciting phase of growth and development. The ability to tap into the global talent pool promises to address the critical staffing needs in both the health and technology sectors, enabling the foundation to enhance its service offerings and expand its reach. As The Oak Foundation prepares to welcome overseas professionals, we anticipate not only a significant boost in operational capacity but also an enriched organisational culture with diverse perspectives. Tech Nomads will continue to support The Oak Foundation in this journey, ensuring a seamless integration of international talent into the team's fabric, ultimately driving greater impact in the communities served.

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